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We have complete in-house engineering facilities. Thermal layout and special heat transfer calculations are performed and checked with in-house developed computer programs. For highly complex tasks, the gas flow and heat transfer are calculated by means of three-dimensional CFD models (computational fluid dynamics).

The pressure vessels and heat exchangers are calculated according to all national and international calculation regulations

  • AD-2000 Merkblätter Code
  • TRD - Power station code
  • EN standards
  • ASME CODE  I, VIII Div.1 and Div.2
  • ASME B31.1 and B31.3
  • PD 5500
  • Stoomweezen
  • IBR
  • JIS
  • Australian Standards
  • China SQL

In the case of critical parts, Finite Element Analyses are carried out.

  • Software: ANSYS
  • Modelling in 2-D and 3-D
  • Temperature distribution calculation
  • Stress calculation for mechanical and thermal loads (elastic and elastic-plastic)
  • Classification of stresses in primary, secondary and peak parts 
  • Stress and fatigues evaluation acc. to international design codes
  • Contact simulation
  • Stability analysis
  • Modal analysis (calculation of natural frequencies and mode shapes)

The flexibility of the tube systems, the resulting support loads and forces are calculated by a special software.  

  • Software: ROHR 2
  • Modelling of complex piping systems
  • Stress calculations for mechanical and thermal loads
  • Consideration of wind and seismic loads
  • Valuation of calculated stresses acc. to international piping codes
  • Determination of the support loads
  • Rating of spring hangers and supports

The performances of piping engineering include:

  • Material orders
  • Collision check
  • Flexibility calculations
  • Isometrics for the 3-dimensional bending of tubes
  • Construction and commissioning